‘Just Beet It’ – Health Canada Mock Campaign

Final Collaborative Project: Health Awareness Project Brief

As a team of social media marketers for a small marketing agency based in Canada, propose  a comprehensive social media strategy that addresses Health Canada’s concern for nutritional awareness of vegetables as a part of a balanced diet. Persuade Canadians to incorporate vegetables into their regular diet.

This is a 6-month campaign to combat the past holiday season. In light of the current economic situation and ongoing public scrutiny of government spending, Health Canada has indicated that the budget for the campaign would be a maximum of $50,000 (excluding HST, but including all agency fees).

Select ONE (1) commonly unfavored vegetable and create a detailed report outlining how you will use social media to convince people to eat that particular vegetable.

The following sections were designed, shot, and edited by me with some team collaboration. Click here for full presentation.

Final Logo

just beet it final logo

The logo was made outlining a beet and creating a visible separation between the heart of the body and the leaves of the beet. Colours were chosen based off of a single photo, and were used in the colour story for the campaign for consistency.

Logo revisions suggested:

  • replace colour of black – too harsh
  • remove right portion of the leaves and smooth out lines

Logo Design and Brand Inspirations

just beet it group project- prelim designs-01


Just Beet it Final Pinterest

Used to attract our female and foodie audiences, the quality of images, style, and tone of the pins create a coherent board and consistent message.

Two hashtags were created to promote the lifestyle and health benefits of beets.
The hashtag #MyHeartBeet for recipes, and #JustBeetIt hashtag will be used in pins about beet’s effect on the libido, brain, and overall health of the body.

I made two recipes specifically for this project. The beet goat cheese & arugula sandwich, and a beet infused drink. We wanted to see how accessible beets were, the cost, and it’s versatility. They were inexpensive, at most grocery stores, although the yellow ones were more difficult to find; and can be used in many dishes to add sweetness or add an earthiness that might work well with bitter flavours.

Roasted Beet Sandwich


Ingredients: one medium beet, your favourite bread, goat cheese, baby arugala, butter to spread on bread.

Beet Infused Water

beet waterfinal

Ingredients: half a medium-sized beet, a bunch of mint, half a lime juice, and water. Let it infuse for 24 hours or however strong you want the infusion to be.

Google+ Ad


Messages are delivered through a minimalistic graphic style using similar colour tones, referenced from colour story. This will catch the eye of the viewer and encourage them to click the ad.

Appeals to audiences with more technical and creative knowledge.

Symbols: From left to right, Boron is the hormone linked to your libido, beets contain vitamins that aid in health and well-being especially for women who are pregnant as they contain a high amount of iron, beets are also great for the brain, they increase your energy without adding a lot of calories and quick burning sugars, and help cleanse the body of toxins.

google+ ad final

google+ ad final


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