Not So Good For the Sole Exhibit

Fourth-Year Thesis Project Exhibit: Women have been wearing fashion footwear, to create an impact or establish equality in the workplace. Women continue to be sold on the advertised images that marketers have created, influencing how they perceive themselves, and how people perceive a woman in heels. Heels can empower women, and damage them at the same time. The body’s natural kinetics become more inhibited, the more extreme the shoe. Most heels are designed to look alluring but lack the proper support for the foot. The shoe’s visual design, in addition to a poorly structured heel, increases the physical pressures put on the body, especially if worn excessively. This can include mutations to the feet, changes in the natural curvature of the spine, and possibly a shift in the body’s natural alignment and balance. So, why do women continue to subject themselves to the physical and mental pains of fashion footwear?

exhibit 1exhibit 2exhibit 3 exhibit 4 exhibit 5 exhibit 6 exhibit 7exhibit 8 exhibit 9 exhibit 10

All photos by official Ryerson Fashion Exhibit photographer 2013


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