Top 5 Amazing Android Camera Apps You Need To Have

There are hundreds of Android Camera Apps being made, updated, and sold in Google’s Play Store. Every phone already has a built-in camera app, so why do you need to know about more? The answer is simply, to get more out of your built-in camera.

If you have a digital camera, chances are you’ve had issues with converting to mobile photography, like myself. To make this transition a bit smoother, camera apps now can have the same features as a digital camera, and will make your life a bit easier sans big bulky camera. For a selfie enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys shooting and editing life’s captured moments, a basic app will not do your pictures justice, or bring your photos to life.

The apps mentioned here offer more features than your basic tool, and will create beautiful photos, fun pictures, and help you explore your everyday creativity.

  1. KX Camera – Effect Camera

KX Camera1KX Camera2

With almost 4,000 likes, and just about five stars, KX Camera – Effect Camera, by Coocent, Inc., is a camera app that does it all, and does it well. Easily capture pictures with filter effects on, and create that eyeball lens effect with photo sphere. Out of all the Android camera apps, this one in particular enables quick preview mode.

Additional features include fun pictures, pro camera mode, panoramic shooting options, social media compatibility, and automatic face recognition.

  1. Camera360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate1Camera 360 Ultimate2

PinGuo Inc. created this 3 million-liked Android camera app, that pushes into the 5 star rating league. Recently added, their oil painting creator filter is just one of the many that make this free digital camera app amazing. As the top choice in 75 countries, it is an extremely powerful, digital camera app with over 200 photo filters, and pro editing tools to make all your pictures amazing.

Offering a new homepage with an effects and selfie camera, a new camera and effect store, a user-friendly photo album, intelligent and beautiful UI and UX professional editing tools, cloud services, and social media photo sharing, Camera360 Ultimate might be the only picture app  you will ever need on your Android camera app roster.

  1. VSCO Cam


For all you Android Camera App enthusiasts, meet the most popular camera app for both Android and IOS users. Highly rated with over 200,000 reviews, this digital camera app, shoots, edits and shares your photographs over sync to all your across digital devices. Create a curated wall of photos with VSCO Grid, and undo an editing step with just one button. This Android camera app does have in-app purchases, but keep your eyes out for promotions and freebies. Take any chance to shoot more pictures, because you could be featured on the curated VSCO Grid wall.

  1. Candy Camera for Selfie

Candy Camera App1Candy Camera App2

Want to add a little fun to your selfies? Your friends at JP Brothers, Inc., created an Android Camera App from this long-lasting and popular selfie trend. Candy Camera is a digital camera that beautifies your selfie with filters, stickers, and silent mode. With over 50,000,000 downloads, and over 4 stars, collage with your pictures and dress up your selfies. Beautify your selfies without having spending the money on makeup, and never be afraid to take pictures of yourself in public ever again.

  1. Google Camera

Google Camera App1Google Camera App2

Google is good for everything. With HDR+, lens blur, wide angle, panorama, and photo sphere options, this Android camera app will capture and create some of the most stunning photos in your album. This digital camera app has all the essentials and none of the extra features you won’t use. Capture photos and video easily, focus on the foreground and background for great portraits and selfies, and use Google’s photo stitching technology, originally made for Google Maps, to create seamless panoramic pictures.

What do you think, will you be downloading one of these Android Camera Apps anytime soon? They do help capture life’s moments and optimizes them for your online audience, which is important because you’ll never say “I wish I had a better camera” ever again.


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