How To Improve Your Content’s Message Using IBM Watson- A Hubspot Professor Shares

When you write emails, reports, and posts, having an idea of how you sound to another individual is frequently a guess.

I feel like I come across as sound happy and excited- could actually be read as you sounding desperate and maybe dishonest in your excitement. -Joel Traugott, Hubspot Professor

Before marketers implemented Machine Learning, that’s how most would write content, hoping that a customer would be capable of identifying your tone of voice.

In this podcast recap, we talk to Inbound Marketing Hubspot Professor, Joel Traugott on his experiences with using IBM Watson to review various content and how he foresees Hubspot changing the way he conveys certain messages.

IBM Watson Solving A Digital Marketer’s Woes

As a digital marketer, you face the challenge of working through a process that could be extremely inefficient and more time-consuming than you think it needs to be.

Typically, you would take a piece of content that you’ve written, run it past an editor (possibly a couple of times), and rework it. Sadly, not everyone owns those kinds of resources.

With machine learning technology in content, you get more scale.- Joel Traugott

These intelligent systems will support you in personalizing, editing, and finding better ways to talk with your specific audience. This is deeply profitable for those who don’t have a large team because they can request for assistance.

In Joel’s own experience, IBM Watson was first used for analyzing their email certificate and Marketing Mary. Marketing Mary is a persona Hubspot developed to better target their messaging after a lot of trial, error, and experimentation in finding that perfect voice. She is a small entry-level marketer, at a small B2B agency, who had just been hired.


So what is IBM Watson?

From my understanding, it is an artificial intelligence that has been taught on thousands and thousands and millions of pieces of copy or content. It is able to understand the format of your content, what voice it’s written in, and what it can sound like to your readers. -Joel Traugott

Watson’s Results

From Watson’s Analysis, Joel discovered that their copy modeled after that Marketing Mary was actually very prescriptive, and sounded like a class lecturer. With this in mind, they realized that there was a huge disconnect from the person they were reaching out to.

Recipients were peppy, had incoming mail delivered constantly, lived in a fast-paced, latté-driven world, and wanted to learn about this certification as quickly as possible, and then get back to work.

Armed with this new information, Joel was able to build new guardrails for ongoing updates- making them more snappy, quick to the point, and quick into action so that those newly certified could put their new learned skills into practice.

The Future of Hubspot and Watson

As someone who is still learning about ML and its capabilities, Watson helped Hubspot Academy identify and confirm that they had the right voice for that persona. They were able to objectively analyze their audience and if that audience is able to connect with the content.

From their analysis, they now are able to see what improvements needed to be done with their video classes. With Watson, they realized that videos needed to be shorter, more interactive, visual, and incorporate EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as much as IQ tests for marketing.

Breaking Down Video Scripts

Taking the backward approach, the Hubspot team first thought of what people who were going to learn and how they were going to feel when learning it. From there, scripts were written, sent through a committee to be analyzed, then sent to the editor, and then the video producer.

This process meant that a script would be passed through many hands. To ensure that they were on the right track, this script would also be run through Watson. This helped to show the Hubspot team their ability to maintain a consistent voice in their content. This also showed them where they should improve their messaging or if it changed too much, potentially confusing the reader.

Machine Learning Tools Bonus

How many times have you sent an email only to smack your head when you’ve reread it because you’ve found a spelling error, or worse- the recipient misinterpreted your tone? In the age of email, having a plugin to ensure you were sending correct and engaging messages every time is extremely important.

Joel recommends Boomerang Respondable, a Gmail plugin that audits your emails as you type. It shows you information about word count, reading level, the likelihood of receiving a response, and personality metrics.

Inbound Marketing Professor Joel and the Hubspot Academy

As the Inbound Marketing Professor at Hubspot Academy, Joel and his team maintain and create blog posts, podcasts, and webinars around education. His hope is that their content inspires people to improve their marketing mentalities and their way of work.

After comparing their certification process to Google’s, they now understand that they need to improve the speed in which you can get certified; and their resource library. Where Google is still pretty far ahead of them, Hubspot certifications answer the why, how and what really well.

hubspot portal.png

To add to the message of continuous improvement, Hubspot had launched a brand new certification portal to improve the certification experience! Check it out here.

Final Thoughts

As we dive deeper into using artificial intelligence to improve the way we work to get better results, it’s always important to remember that these tools are there to help and not take over your marketing role. Intelligent technology can help, but when it comes to talking to real people, nothing beats a real conversation with a real person.


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