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Graphic designer turned digital marketer, with creativity and communications being my anchor.

From around age 9, I was first introduced to graphic design. One day, my uncle asked me if I wanted to take this class with my cousin. I wanted to do everything my cousin did, we were the same age after all. This class turned out to be a photoshop class, back in the day where computers were clunky, and photo editing didn’t have as many features. I was immediately hooked.
While in my tweens, I introduced myself to web design. I was designing an Asian Avenue page, when everyone else was doing it. I didn’t grasp how complex web design was at that age, I genuinely just liked writing code and seeing the final result. To me it was just another language to learn much like piano or reading music.

I grew up taking fine art classes, and piano lessons. Unlike most, I loved doing both, later finding out I had an affinity for photography and media arts.
Going into university, I thought I wanted to be a graphic designer. Everything I had created carried the mentality that it could be used for a brand. I didn’t just have one aesthetic, I had many, meaning I definitely couldn’t be an influencer.

I stopped pursuing graphic design after an internship in second-year, and found a new passion for social media while being part of the PR and Social Media Committee for Ryerson’s annual fashion show. In the following years, I’ve pursued a career in an industry that is quickly changing into digital marketing, where the best takeaway from years of graphic design and casual web design have contributed to the role of a social media marketer, where I can communicate with both creative and marketing teams.

Away from the desktop: The world of retail, visual merchandising, and brand ambassador

It was the expected route to work in retail while enrolled in a fashion communication program. Starting at Baby Gap for a year, briefly at Mango, and finally working at Mexx for about 4 years (I’ve been sales, stock, visual merch, cash, and key holder). After university while interning I was a visual merchandiser for Indigo for about a year, and worked a bit as a brand ambassador for a startup.

Sum of its parts: Naturally IRL & web communications became my forté, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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